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About a smokehouse

Smokery “Siwy dym”

We have been operating since

szynka kulka wędzarnia siwy dym

“Siwy dym” smokery is a small family company, which was created out of a passion for smoking.

We prepare our products according to traditional recipes, without the
use of any preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes or chemicals.
Thirsty for a traditional Polish flavor, fast without any improvers?
This is what you will find in our store.

A taste like the days of childhood

Discover our recipe for traditional smoked meat.

Our smoked meats owe their uniqueness to the traditional method of
smoking, for which we use selected varieties of wood.

As a result, products made of “Grey Smoke” have a unique taste and

Our hallmark is the high quality of what goes to your tables.
Our offer includes a wide selection of smoked and baked meats. We also carry out orders for country tables.

We care about the highest quality of our products, which is why we order meat from local breeders and small slaughterhouses. When you buy our products, you can be sure that they come from Poland.


Smoked meats

szynka kulka wędzarnia siwy dym


Kiełbasa Szefa wędzarnia siwy dym


Salceson po zbóju smaczny Wędzarni Siwy Dym

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